Classic: Traditional camber has been around since snowboarding began because it works. It keeps the contact points of the board on the snow, providing stability at high speeds and stores potential energy.

Flat Rock:With a primarily flat design, you have a spring-loaded ride that will not only blow your mind but also offer all-terrain high performance. The nose and tail begin to blend into reverse camber just along the outside edge of your binding for the most forgiving fun float and all-around easiness.  


9 Rocks Reverse: For our rocker boards we have a single radius angle reverse camber. Only 10cm of the middle point of the board is touching the ground, and the rest of the camber is above it.  

  #9 Combo Hybrid: A hybrid camber with traditional camber under the bindings leading out to the nose and tail while between the bindings has a rocker camber. The traditional camber in the front and back allow you to preload the board for extra pop, while the rocker between the bindings moves the control to the center of the board. 

Camrock: Between the bindings is traditional camber while the tip and tail contain rocker cambers. The raised tip and tail help float the board in powder and reduce the chances of edge catch, but with the benefit of the traditional camber pop beneficial with ollies and while powering out of turns.