Teaming up with two of the most respected snowboard factories in the world ensures that as the sport progresses, our technology and engineering capabilities do as well. Our development team works countless hours to make sure every board pressed lives up to our reputation for quality, shelf appeal and most of all, the ability to give you some of the best days riding in your life. We build our boards with a huge emphasis on the final pricetag without sacrificing any craftsmanship or quality. Continued performance day after day and ollie after ollie as well as turn after turn. Technine snowboards offer countless days of exceptional rideability and good times. For the W18 collection we introduced few innovative shapes, new tougher cores and camber profiles, and of course, paying special attention to quality as well as setting a new standard for freestyle, park and urban snowboard design.

Tip-to-tail, edge-to-edge Wood Core Construction: The essence of each board is its core. It all starts with high quality wood!

Power Tech Core
Full tip-to-tail poplar wood core with Finger Joints. Poplar provides strength and the perfect amount of feel and control. Poplar is also known for its perfect balance of stability and energy.

Power Tech Ultra Lite Core
Full tip-to-tail ultra light poplar wood core with finger joints. Reduced weight for a solid ride with lots of pop and control.


If you want to ollie higher than before and get more power from your pop, additives are the name of the game!

1. Offset Carbon Taping
Complete control in a variety of conditions and terrain! From contact point to contact point, the carbon taping promotes even flex and decreases flex fatigue.


2. Full Carbon Taping
Tip-to-tail Carbon and Kevlar taping offers a smooth, even flex and long term stability from the tip to the tail of the board. Enhanced ollies and stomping control for multiple seasons of riding.


3. V-Tech Carbon Taping + Fiberglass Reinforcements
Running carbon in a V formation in the tip and tail of the board is all about getting that extra snap in your ollies. A smooth, even flex on the nose and tail will allow for stronger pop and smooth takeoffs when hitting jumps, as well as more stability when landing and riding out.


4. Carbon Taiping + Kevlar Cross:
If you want to ollie higher and get the most out of your pop the Carbon Cross stringers will deliver. The X formation in the nose and tail channels the flex of the board and distributes your pop evenly for a clean pop every time.

5. Double Carbon Taiping + Kevlar Cross:
Double the carbon equals double the pop. More bounce to the ounce on a carbon lay up built for the rider who demands performance.