Traditional bindings create a dead spot under the baseplate that stops you from maximizing the flex of your board. We have developed a binding that is split down the middle allowing for the ultimate connection of rider and board. The split design also paves the way for a lighter binding by using less materials.


If you need a replacement part, a digital photo of the product showing the defect will be required. See our replacement parts page for details.

TN-14 Binding


  1. Split Baseless Binding
  2. Split Heelcap, can be connected to increase stiffness
  3. Wire Heelcap Structure
  4. Split Highback Construction allowing 4 different options per foot included in one binding
  5. Techbed / Techbed 3deg 
  6. 2 screws are used to lock the binding structure to the aluminium split disc. These 2 screws are also to adjust the angle. 4 screws are then used to lock the split disc on the boards and to adjust the stance. 
  7. Forward lean adjustment integrated into the highback arms to decrease weight and material
  8. underlying rubber gasket decreases damaging interferrence betwenn binding and board contact points
  9. Adjustable Toe Ramp
  10. Toe Strap 
  11. Ankle Strap



    • Heelcup / Baseplate: Pro 6061 T6 Aluminum
    • Ankle Strap: Comfort King III Ultra Light
    • Toe Strap: Pro Tech Toe
    • Footbed: 3 deg. TechBed
    • Ratchet: Updated 3 Axis T9 alloy ratchet
    • Highback: Flat LowBack or Double Scrub