Technine 40 Ounce Snowboard

Technine 40 Ounce Snowboard

At Technine, we always tried to keep our hip-hop roots be showed on our products. That is the case of our brand new 2016/2017 40 ounces board. Mix of green and black with a little heads up to the one and only "Killa bees", this 40 ounce is probably the most accurate board ever designed at Technine. And since its the most viewed board on our website, we decide to give you a little bit of history about this epic beer.

This Oldie English 800 aka 40oz is one of the most recognizable beer malt because of his bottle style, size, high alcohol content and cheap price. It was the beer liquor that the poorest people in major American cities, especially in New-York, were getting really drunk with.

Just like Young black teenager would sing: “tap the bottle and twist the cap”!

 40 ounce by Technine

Alex Marois