Snowboard Addiction: toys for snowboarders

I was on the web yesterday and I was looking for some snowboard products that I was not aware of his existence, you know stuff that can help riding or things that can fulfill a need.

And after my research, I found a company name Snowboard Addiction. First, I thought it was special organic weed brand for shredders but unfortunately it was not ... But the good thing is that they offering something different then drugs, they offering products to shred (practice) during summer. They have a board to ride a trampoline (find a friend who own a trampoline or just do a carwash with your girlfriend to raise money to afford it) and then you will be able to try it. If the carwash does work, just find a recreational center with a trampoline.

To be honest it looks sick !!! I saw a video of Sebastien Toutant doing his tricks with it and it look like he had a great times. But the products that I would like to have some feedback is the Jib board and the Balance bar. I have to admit that I would like to practice my jib game if I would be stuck indoor during a rainy day.

So what do you think, does it work ? Would you buy their products ? Should I buy their products ?

Or again, is it something that you can do by your self. I mean, you can use an old skate board, built bindings for it and use a tree trunk as the bar. Simple, no ?

It might be another DIY progress for summer shredders. 



November 30, 2016 — Alex Marois



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