19 years and counting.




This year marks the 19th year of Technine. 19 years of putting bindings on snowboarders’ feet. For those of you that have grown up with the brand we thank you for your support and for new comers to T9 we are very excited to show you what we are all about. What started as a small binding company out of Colorado is now a full head-to-toe snowboard company. We have not forgotten our roots and our philosophy is the same as it was in 1994 when we made the first baseless bindings in a snowmaking workshop in Beaver Creek, Colorado. We are snowboarders making product for snowboarders. As snowboarding has progressed we have had a front row seat and have made sure that our products have progressed with the sport. Over the years, we have launched many innovations like the Baltimore toe strap and the use of scrub hooks to give you more control while riding. Our main goal is to make sure riders everywhere can count on their gear and have the best day snowboarding possible. Technine has its own unique style that you won’t find anywhere else in the sport and this is why we have built a worldwide following of riders that support our cause. Each year we work very closely with not only our team of top snowboard athletes but also everyday snowboarders from all over the world, to ensure our products only get better with each passing year. With a new outerwear line designed by Cole Taylor and a fresh new board line with art from Technine artists Dave Doman, Trent Bush, and Uncle Grumpy, as well as an all-new binding, we are proud of what the new year brings. With a range of snowboard cambers to accommodate all riding types as well as many unique binding features that you will only find on Technine products, we have something for the seasoned pro to the rider ready to try snowboarding for the first time. Welcome to Technine–year 19–and I hope you all get just as excited as we are about the new line. Next year is a big mark for us as we enter year 20 but until then, have fun out on the slopes and if you bump into any of our representatives or team riders make sure you say what’s up. -Ethan Stone Fortier


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Dylan Thompson

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